Art By Lynn Wilson

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I paint a combination of realistic images, impressionist florals and abstract images combining a number of different mediums including regular acrylics, metallic acrylics, iridescent acrylics, watercolours, alcohol inks, pigment powders, ink pens and markers and silk. 

I am basically self-taught but have, over the years, taken a few classes ..... watercolour, pottery and ceramics, hand painting on silk, attended design colour theory courses and in the summer of 2008 attended a week long acrylic painting session at the Southampton Art School with artist Marianne Broome (instructor).


I display and sell both my paintings and photography at local (and juried) art shows, town festivals, restaurants and shops and have been hired for commissioned pieces.  I have also had the pleasure of clients purchasing more than one of my pieces to display in their homes.


Article in The Lindsay Post, July  2010

Author: Lisa Dever, Bobcaygeon Local




Somewhere in a mansion in Aurora, a painting by local artist Lynn Wilson adorns the walls alongside original works by the Group of Seven.  Not bad company.  Not bad at all.


Lynn Wilson is no shrinking violet.  When talking with her one quickly figures out that here is a woman of strength and fortitude.  Whether it is breaking the glass ceiling in the world of corporate sales or battling breast cancer, Lynn takes on each challenge with confidence, determination and style.


Having had enough of the pace and pressure of a career selling high-end corporate furniture, Lynn announced suddenly one day to her husband Mark, that she was going to quit her job.  When Mark asked what she was going to do next, Lynn shrugged her shoulders.  She had no idea.


After a long absence from the world of art, Lynn began painting seriously when she "retired" the first time.  She's a sporadic producer, sometimes working for days on a piece, or weeks on several pieces and then nothing for awhile.  There's a real passion in her for her work.  When Lynn talks about painting it almost sounds like the art comes from another person entirely, like she's a conduit more than a creator.


I like Lynn's art.  Whether it's her photographs of flowers or her dramatic abstracts of acrylic on silk, her art is pleasing to the eye. 

There's emotion clearly visible in each piece.  They are strong, like the woman who creates them.