Blog by Lynn Wilson
 I had the priviledge of meeting a local Toronto world-renowned artist .. Helen Lucas ... about 2 months ago. She had admired my work at the Schomberg art show I was in and I was completely blown away by her interest and compliments! I checked her website .. .. Her paintings are huge, gorgeous, vibrant florals (mostly what she's known for). I was invited for coffee and to visit her studio in King City. I was completely in awe of her amazing home (she has an original Picasso and Toulouse Lautrec !!! .. OMG!! .. amongst many, many other famous artists pieces .. it's a spectacular, custom built for her back in the late 80') ) and her gigantic studio!! It was like 75' x 50' with 10' high walls (with huge windows above that!!.. so much light!). She commented about how much she loved my work, but especially was taken with my silks/metallics and said for me to get a good collection of them done and then call her and she'll introduce me to a few downtown Toronto galleries!! Holy sh*t!! Then she told me to wait for her and went in behind this great big door and pulled out a 5' x 5' canvas (unprimed .. she works on hand-made unprimed canvases .. she has someone that makes them for her of course .. she's 83 years old now!!). She gave it to me and said "I want you to have this and do one of your beautiful pieces on it, then call me so I can come and look at it!". After I stopped crying...LOL .. I said I would be too intimidated to paint on her canvas .. she said "don't be silly, of course I know you can!" and proceeded to tell me a story about a famous artist she knew that told her that he always wrote a huge swear word on every single canvas he started .. to help him get past his nervousness and intimidation of the piece and the process and then started to paint over the swear words!! I have been thinking very much lately about this piece I posted on your site (I think your love of metallics has renewed my love of metallics, shimmer and bling!) and think I will do something like this (the photo above .. it's about 2' x 4', Teal, Purple, Fuscia and Gold Metallic highlights on Raw Silk/Gallery Canvas)  on the 5' x 5' canvas Helen gave me. If I like it, I will call it "Flowers for Helen"